SOUNDING 2020: 2017

A commission for the Mental Health Association in Tompkins County

Mental Health Association

With the assistance of Aara Edwards, we have collected statements from people living with mental health issues throughout Tompkins County. They were asked to express in prose or poetry what they would tell the world about their experience living with mental health if given the chance. Ithaca-based theatre artist, Camilla Schade will curate the texts into spoken word to work with music written by composer Josh Oxford.

The commission will be premiered on 23rd July by the GrassRoots Festival Orchestra in Trumansburg, New York, conducted by Cayenna Ponchione. Tickets to the Festival are available at the GrassRoots Festival.

This project is funded by the GrassRoots Festival Orchestra, Aara Edwards, Cayenna Ponchione and Graeme Bailey.
Josh Oxford Ithaca-based composer, Josh Oxford, born in 1985, is a composer, arranger, and performer of myriad styles of music. Using his collection of vintage synthesizers, Josh is the leader of “The OXtet,” a jazz fusion ensemble for which Oxford composes all the music. He has performed throughout the country, especially in his native central New York, on piano, percussion, and Moog synthesizer. After suffering a debilitating car crash in 2010, Josh has devoted his energy to composing. His music can be heard on Aaron Tindall’s award-winning recording This Is My House and on The OXtet’s debut CD. He was awarded The ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship while studying at Queens College.READ MORE on his Website.
Camilla Schade Ithaca-based theatre artist, Camilla Schade.