SOUNDING 2020: 2019
SOUNDS OF PEACE: New voices from Afghanistan

A commissioning project from young musicians in Afghanistan

Turquoise Mountain, Kabul

At the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, young musicians are transforming the musical landscape of Afghanistan. This project brings the musical compositions of two extraordinary individuals, Arson Fahim and Qambar Nawshad to the US for the very first time.

Arson Fahim has written a moving original orchestral composition entitled, Sounds of Peace which will be premiered by the GrassRoots Festival Orchestra on the 21st of July 2019. Alongside that work, the orchestra will perform Qambar Nawshad's arrangement of traditional Afghan songs.

This project is funded by Cayenna Ponchione and Graeme Bailey.
Arson Fahim Arson Fahim is a 19 year old pianist, composer and conductor from Afghanistan. He was born in Pakistan where his family had fled to escape war. As a refuge, he spent several years living at an orphanage. In 2012, he moved to Kabul where he had the opportunity to learn the piano. His love for music soon led him to Afghanistan's only music school, the Afghanistan National Institute of Music where he has been studying for about 7 years and is in his final year of high school now. Arson is committed to using his art as a medium to help rebuild his country. He has written several pieces such as Farkhunda, Freedom and The Lost Dove to address and raise awareness about social issues. Arson has also conducted the Afghan Youth Orchestra and Afghan National Symphony Orchestra.
Qambar Nawshad Qambar Nawshad is the principal conductor of the Afghan National Symphony Orchestra, a percussionist and a composer and arranger. Qambar teaches percussion at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and has recently had his original composition for orchestra and chorus recorded by Radio Television Afghanistan for national broadcast.